2023 Year in Review with PDM Analysis

Posted on December 13, 2023

Let’s look back at 2023 with PDM Analysis 

PDM Analysis has had an exceptional year, so remarkable that we’re eager to commemorate it with a year in review. Come along with us as we revisit every memorable moment we’ve encountered in 2023.

We Upgraded SCORG

As per tradition, we started the year strong by introducing updates and new features to our SCORG software.


SCORG is our industry-leading grid generation and performance prediction software for positive displacement machines. SCORG V2023 new features include:


  • Integration of the Patented ‘N’ Rotor Profil
  • Design Exploration Framewor
  • Profile Position Check Utilit
  • Improvements in the Thermodynamic Mode
  • NIST – REFPROP 10 Integratio
  • Calculation of Screw Expander
  • Performance Map Diagram
  • Rotor Deflection
  • Updated GT-Suite models and Optimisation


The updates are also included in SCORG alto, the cloud platform hosted in Microsoft Azure, enabling you to design and analyze screw machines using the software SCORG.


If you haven’t already, be sure to download the free SCORG demo here.

SCORG Webinar Series 2023

All of our 2023 updates were presented in a webinar series earlier this year led by experts Prof. Ahmed Kovacevic and Dr. Sham Rane. The webinar series included 3 webinars on the following topics:



In the first webinar in the SCORG v2023 Webinar Series, Prof. Kovacevic and Dr. Rane discussed the new features of SCORG v2023. During the webinar, attendees had the opportunity to learn how to use the new features in SCORG v2023 to enhance their positive displacement machines’ design and analysis capabilities.


In the second webinar in the SCORG v2023 Webinar Series, Prof. Kovacevic presented the SCORG Licensed ‘N’ Profile Integration and related new features introduced in SCORG v2023 that can help design and analyze screw compressors and expanders.


During the last and final webinar of the SCORG v2023 Webinar Series, Dr. Rane discussed the use of the latest SCORG Design Exploration Upgrades in the Framework available in SCORG v2023 for the analysis and evaluation of twin-screw compressors and expanders.


Recordings are available for those who missed the live sessions, offering valuable insights into optimizing screw compressors and expanders.

We showed up – Event Attendance in 2023

PDM Analysis participated and exhibited at a handful of events in 2022, making our presence internationally. From Europe to North America, we ensured the world was introduced to SCORG and the amazing work we at PDM Analysis do in the industry.

Hannover Messe 2023, Germany

PDM Analysis proudly participated in Hannover Messe 2023, the world’s largest industrial fair held in Germany. As a leading provider of analysis and design solutions for positive displacement machines, we showcased our latest software, including SCORG, in Hall 4 dedicated to the Compressed Air and vacuum sector.


With over 215,000 visitors from 80+ countries, the event provided valuable connections with industry leaders. Our team engaged in fruitful conversations, gaining insights into current industry trends and challenges. Grateful for the positive feedback on SCORG, we remain committed to innovation and look forward to future opportunities at Hannover Messe.

6th Short Course on CFD in Positive Displacement Machines, London, UK

The 6th Short Course on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Positive Displacement Machines, held at City, University of London on September 9th and 10th, was a dynamic event focused on advancing knowledge, fostering innovation, and promoting networking. Attendees, including professionals, students, and researchers, experienced a deep dive into new methods and advanced topics in applying CFD to Positive Displacement Machines.


The course delved into various aspects of CFD in Positive Displacement Machines, covering a wide range of topics:


  • Advances in Simulation Tool
  • Emerging CFD Method
  • Complex Modeling
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)
  • Experimental Techniques
  • The use of SCORG and SCORG alto

Attendees left with a treasure trove of knowledge and newfound connections in the world of CFD in Positive Displacement Machines. If you missed this year’s short course, don’t worry. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive information about future opportunities.

13th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems, London UK

the 13th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems, organized by the Centre for Compressor Technology at City, University of London was an exceptional gathering of industry experts, researchers, and academics. From the insightful keynote speakers to the in-depth discussions on compressors and compression systems, the conference was a remarkable event. Let’s take a look back at the highlights of this year’s conference.


This year’s program was notable for its inclusivity, featuring industry sessions on high-importance topics alongside traditional keynote addresses, research presentations, and technical papers. The fusion of these elements created a more cohesive and informative experience for all attendees.


Read the Post Conference Report here.


For more information and updates about future conferences, visit the official conference website. We look forward to the next gathering of compressor enthusiasts, researchers, and industry leaders!

CERES SPring Meeting, London, UK

CERES minatureA regular spring meeting of the CERES industrial consortium was held at the City, University of London. We welcomed attendees from various member and guest companies. It was a day full of fruitful discussions on a variety of mutual topics and exchanging experiences from industry and academia.


During the day, attendees had the opportunity to explore updates in the laboratories at City, University of London.


Members and guests had the opportunity to attend the meeting in person and online

In the Presence of Academic Greatness

The year 2023 also marked a milestone for PDM Analysis’ very own Director Prof. Ahmed Kovacevic who was elected among 73 new Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering. Prof. Kovacevic joins an elite group of outstanding engineers.


Prof. Ahmed Kovacevic is the Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair at City and is a world-renowned expert in screw machines who has dedicated his work to the development of design excellence in academia and industry which he does through researching, teaching and collaborating with industry in numerical modeling, analysis and design of Positive Displacement Machines.



We are very proud of Prof. Kovacevic and only wonder what 2024 will bring.

PDM Analysis featured in EASY Engineering Magazine 

PDM Analysis was featured in EASY Engineering Magazine as a trailblazer in Positive Displacement Machine analysis and design. Mainly, we wanted to focus on how we are resolute in our intention to continually enhance both SCORG and SCORG alto, positioning them as integral tools in the pursuit of the formidable NetZero 2050 objectives. Leveraging the SCORG software empowers users to optimize machinery and elevate energy efficiency, a crucial stride towards a greener future.


Read more about our feature in our blog post or directly on the EASY Engineering Magazine website.


This year, we published a few papers on various topics concerning screw compressors, their application, and their analysis. SCORG was a recurring topic in much of the research, namely its use for designing, analyzing, and optimizing screw machines. If you missed it, catch up on the latest publications here.


We always put our SCORG users first, so keeping them happy is a priority. That is why the greatest attestation to our success is the praise from our customers and SCORG users.


Please don’t take our word for it, read some of the amazing testimonials our users have left.

Upcoming Events and Projects

We are excited for 2024, with many projects in the works.


  1. SCORG Updates 2024 – First and foremost, we are excited about updates to SCORG which will change the way you use the software. We’re working hard on these updates that will have you on the edge of your seat.
  2. CERES Autumn meeting – The Autumn meeting will be held at City, University of London. We are excited to attend alongside other industry partners and academic collaborators once again to discuss interesting topics and exchange updates. Researchers from the City will share updates on the running projects, while industry experts will have an opportunity to propose new research directions and interests.
  3. Hannover Messe 2024 – We are ecstatic to announce we will be attending Hannover Messe again next year. We are especially excited to be attending as part of the Hydrogen + Fuel Cell Forum where we will present the innovative ways SCORG can be used to help bring your positive displacement machines up to par with hydrogen goals.


Don’t miss a minute of it, keep following PDM Analysis in 2024 to be part of this wonderful journey that only gets more exciting with each new year.