PDM Analysis Ltd provides hands-on customized, as well as off-the-shelf training to users of SCORGTM.
Below are some of the current training offerings. For bespoke requirements, please contact us
SCORG 1 Day Full Course on Grid Generation
  • The basics of grid generation
  • Topology decomposition for screw rotors
  • Using SCORG Grid Module to generate rotor grids and theoretical port grids and generating pre-processing setup for CFD solvers
  • Sample grid generation calculations for a choice of profiles
  • Attendees can bring their own profile files and learn to use SCORGTM Grid Module to generate rotor grids
SCORG 1/2 Day Course on Thermodynamic Chamber Model
  • The basics of Thermodynamic Chamber Models
  • Understanding the inputs required for Chamber Models
  • Clearance management
  • Using SCORG Thermodynamics module to generate volume curve, leakage areas and perform calculations at different operating conditions to obtain performance maps of screw compressors
  • The setting of oil injection parameters and calculating performance
  • Designing and developing screw machines is a complex task from grid generation to CFD analysis to ensure optimal performance and efficiency of machines. SCORG is intended to counter these challenges, making the design process simple and user-friendly.


  • Browse our webinar library consists of various topics ranging from the latest features, fundamentals and modelling techniques, designing screw machines on the cloud, working with rotor profiles, and modelling with mainstream solvers.


  • After watching this series, you will know how to utilise SCORG to develop optimal designs and reduce the cost of physical testing.