In collaboration with the Centre for Compressor Technology, PDM Analysis Ltd offers world-leading research and development in the area of twin screw machines and other positive displacement compression and expansion technologies.

About the Centre for Compressor Technology

The Centre is the hub for scientists, engineers, and industry experts to work together to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the compressor industry in energy utilisation and reliability.


For over 30 years, members of the Centre have been involved in:

  • Fundamental and applied research and developing software for improved modelling of positive displacement machines
  • Supporting industry and academic institutions for the development and commercialisation of their compression technologies
  • Offering test facilities for performance testing and detailed internal flow measurements of both air and refrigerant compressors and expanders


Who can benefit?

  • Research and Development departments working on screw machines
  • Business developers in companies involved with screw machines
  • Manufacturers of screw machines
  • Technical or business advisers for companies in related sectors
  • University teachers or researchers in positive displacement machines
  • Students working on projects related to screw machines


Our offer:

  • Project evaluation
  • Software development
  • Fault investigation
  • Thermodynamic and fluid flow studies
  • Stress analysis
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Laboratory measurements
  • Noise suppression
  • Complete product design and development

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