SCORG V5.8 design screw machines with new features

Posted on May 21, 2020

PDM Analysis is pleased to announce the release of the new version 5.8 of software SCORG, which help you design, analyse and optimise your screw machines.


Watch the video showing some of the new features within SCORG V5.8


With this release, SCORG extends its capability to use OpenFOAM solver with fully parallel implementation for CFD analysis of machines such as Roots Blower, Vane Compressors and Expanders. New Ansys Fluent parallel UDF has been improved to enable reliable and fast calculation on multicore computers. The combination of analytical and differential grid generation results in the best numerical mesh in the market for rotary positive displacement flow machines with helical screw rotors or gears.


New features in V5.8 related to Geometry and Thermodynamic models are:

  • geometry of roots blowers and geometry of screw pumps for thermodynamic calculation
  • rotor profiling for pumps and Roots blowers

Improvements have also been made in the calculation of the SCORG Thermodynamic Multi-chamber model for screw machines.


Release V5.8 also features new templates with the capability of calculating bearing losses using GT-Suite solver from Gamma Technologies. GT-SUITE is used as a performance solver and allows calculation and presentation of results directly within SCORG GUI.


SCORG, can now be used on Microsoft Azure virtual machines with our brand new SCORG alto cloud platform. Read more about our cloud computing solution.





If you want to learn more about how new features can help you develop optimal screw machines designs and reduce the cost of physical testing, please watch the below webinar.

Webinar 1: Basics and new features in SCORG V5.8