Webinar 1: Basics and new features in SCORG V5.8

Posted on July 14, 2020

In this highlight reel, we demonstrate the latest and greatest features packed into SCORG v5.8 that will enhance the design and analysis capabilities of your machine.


These include: ​

  • Use of OpenFOAM solver with fully parallel implementation for CFD analysis of machines such as roots blower, vane compressors and expanders
  • Geometry of roots blowers and geometry of screw pumps for thermodynamic calculation
  • Rotor profiling for pumps and roots blowers
  • New templates with capability of calculating bearing losses using GT-Suite solver
  • And more…


You will learn how to use new features to enhance your positive displacement machines’ design and analysis capabilities. Watch the webinar to see how you can benefit from it by developing optimal designs and reducing the cost of physical testing.


Also, you can download free SCORG demo by clicking the button below.



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