Launching SCORG alto- cloud computing solution for screw machine design

Posted on June 8, 2020

PDM Analysis reveals the launch of its new cloud computing solution for the design and analysis of positive displacement screw machines. Named SCORG alto, the virtual machine portal will allow users to connect to the specialist grid generation and simulation software SCORGTM.


Key benefits for users

scorg alto cloud computing

SCORG alto inherently enables smart functionality for both individuals and organisations, giving them the option to opt-in and out of licence agreements on a weekly basis. The registration and license approval processes are quick and easy.


Among several other benefits, with the ubiquitous computing system, users can operate and perform high-fidelity simulations on the go, from any smart device and from any location in the world. That means that users can significantly reduce both operational and financial costs. This is especially important in these challenging times when many of us have to work remotely to sustain our businesses.


Furthermore, with built-in services in Microsoft Azure, customers can rest assured that their data in this cloud computing tool is completely protected.


We have invested effort in ensuring interoperability between SCORG and other solvers (Simerics MP+Ansys CFXAnsys FluentAnsys ForteStarCCM+GT-SUITE, OpenFOAM) is not affected.


The SCORG alto cloud solution is simple, efficient and meets the challenging demands of the current environment in which we live. All that user needs is a decent internet connection (who doesn’t these days).




Latest version of SCORG V5.8

PDM Analysis continues to develop SCORG with the helpful comments and suggestions from our users. Synchronising with the launch of  SCORG alto, PDM Analysis also released the upgraded version of SCORG V5.8.


The latest version includes integration of SCORG for OpenFOAM CFD, geometry of Roots blowers and pumps for thermodynamic calculation, rotor profiling for pumps and roots blowers, new models for GT-SUITE and further improvements in chamber modelling. The below video displays these features. For further details please refer to the updated Help Manual.