Webinar 23: Modelling of refrigeration screw compressors and expanders

Posted on March 10, 2022

In this webinar, Professor Ahmed Kovacevic presents how new features introduced in SCORG V2022 can help with the design and analysis of screw compressors and expanders.


Market related to screw compressors and expanders is large and competitive; therefore, every slight improvement in the performance and saving in the energy matters. Watch the video to see how to achieve this goal.


Learning recourses mentioned during the webinar:

  1. Publications – academic research about positive displacement machines, papers cover areas where SCORG can be used; you can search them by title, author, year or keyword
  2. Webinars – so far 23 webinars about design and analysis of screw machines; our team explains the technical aspects of SCORG and shows how to utilise our tool to develop optimal designs and reduce the cost of physical testing
  3. Documentation – brochures, setups and tutorials
  4. Demo version – please be aware that the newest version to purchase is SCORG V2022 (watch what’s new) which has more functionality than the demo variant
  5. Trial version – SCORG alto is a cloud platform hosted in Microsoft Azure, enabling you to design and analyse screw machines using the software SCORG. You can register and explore the abilities of our software by choosing the trial licence for as few as 2 weeks.


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