Webinar 8: Modelling of screw machines with SCORG and GT-SUITE

Posted on October 20, 2020

This webinar is presented jointly by Prof Kovacevic from PDM Analysis and Jon Harrison from Gamma Technologies which focuses on the integration of SCORG and GT-SUITE (a leading multi-physics simulation software).


During the webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage SCORG & GT-SUITE together for rapid virtual development of screw machines
  • Utilise simulation to shorten development time and optimise screw machine designs
  • Use SCORG for conceptual screw design and performance
  • Use GT-SUITE to study friction, NVH, thermal management, and multi-physics of screw machines


The webinar includes a live demonstration on calculating oil-free screw compressor performance from SCORG using GT-SUITE as a flow solver and calculating bearing losses, acoustics and optimisation from GT-SUITE using SCORG inputs.


Also, you can download free SCORG demo by clicking the button below.



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