Webinar 7: Modelling of screw machines using SCORG and ANSYS CFX – oil injected screw compressors

Posted on October 6, 2020

In this webinar, Dr Sham Rane presents pre-processing and the application of ANSYS CFX solver to model Oil Injected Twin Screw Machines.


  • SCORG Grid Generation
  • Best practice for rotor grid generation for multiphase flows
  • ANSYS CFX solver and key points for oil injection flow setup
  • Analysis and results on test case

The webinar will discuss key aspects of modelling twin screw compressors with oil injection. Multiphase flow model with Eulerian-Eulerian approach will be used. 

For a test case, the solver setup and grid generation will be presented along with visualisation of results such as oil distribution in the compression chambers.

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