Webinar 21: New features in SCORG V5.9

Posted on May 6, 2021

In this webinar, Prof Ahmed Kovacevic and Dr Sham Rane present the new features in the SCORG – industry leading grid generation and performance prediction software for positive displacement machines.


In the 5.9 version of SCORG you can find:

  • SCORG Upgraded Batch Commands Utility
  • CAD Export of Rotors, Bore and Geometry Domains
  • ANSYS Forte Export
  • Bearing Selection Utility
  • Improvements in Thermodynamic chamber modelling
  • Updated models for GT-SUITE


You will learn how to use new features to enhance your positive displacement machines’ design and analysis capabilities. Watch the webinar to see how you can benefit from it by developing optimal designs and reducing the cost of physical testing.


Also, you can download free SCORG demo by clicking the button below.



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