Webinar 20: Grid generation for variable geometry screw machines using SCORG

Posted on April 22, 2021

In this webinar, Dr Sham Rane will present the application of the SCORG grid generator to model variable geometry twin screw machines.


  • SCORG Grid Generation
  • Variable Lead and Variable Profile rotors
  • Conical Internally geared rotors of Vert type


The webinar will discuss some of the benefits of variable geometry twin-screw rotors as compared to the traditional uniform rotors. Sealing line length, blow-hole area, internal pressure rise due to built-in volume index are some of the parameters that get influenced by variable geometry rotors and thereby impact the compressor’s performance. An adaptable framework for deforming grid generation using SCORG and modeling with ANSYS CFX solver will be presented. 


A case study on dry air twin-screw compressor with uniform, variable lead and variable profile rotors will be showcased using the CFD model.


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