Webinar 18: Grid Generation and CFD analysis of Twin Screw Expanders using SCORG

Posted on March 25, 2021

In this webinar, Dr Sham Rane will present the application of the SCORG grid generator to model twin screw expanders.


  • SCORG Grid Generation
  • GL-51.2 – TU Dortmund Expander
  • R245fa ORC Expander – REFPROP and Real Gas Equations


The webinar will discuss key aspects of grid generation for screw expanders using SCORG and modelling with ANSYS CFX  solver. 


The CFD results will be presented as pressure, the temperature distribution in the chambers, mass flow and performance comparison with measured data. For an ORC application with R245fa and alternative low GWP refrigerants, the analysis will be presented using NIST REFPROP and Real Gas Equations of State, discussing the accuracy and computational time requirements.


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