SCORG V5.5 – Best grid generator for multiphase screw machines

Posted on July 9, 2017

PDM Analysis is pleased to announce the release of the new version V5.5 of software SCORGTM which will help you design, analyse and optimise your screw machines.


Among many new exciting features, this release extends the new differential algorithm for mesh smoothing and orthogonalisation to non-conformal meshes which enables a gradual transition of grid lines as the mesh deforms thus improving stability and calculation accuracy of numerical solvers. It is now possible to perform very fast and accurate calculation of multiphase compressors, expanders, pumps and motors with STAR-CCM+Ansys CFX and Simerics-PD solvers. The combination of analytical and differential grid generation results in the best numerical mesh in the market for rotary positive displacement flow machines with helical screw rotors or gears.


Release V5.5 also features a break-through in multi-chamber thermodynamic calculation with 3D graphical representation of the results. Chamber model results for Pressure, Temperature and Cyclically averaged temperature can now be visualised along with the sealing lines and ports. The new algorithm for calculation of bearing forces and torques provides accurate results which could be visualised.


Furthermore, release V5.5 is now available for calculation of compressors, expanders, pumps and motors.


Attached are few slides on some of the exciting new features of SCORGTM V5.5. For details please refer to the updated Help Manual.


PDM Analysis would like to thank users of SCORGTM for their commitment to our unique software and for their comments and suggestions for improvements.



For more information please contact us.