SCORG V5.3 release (+free demo version)

Posted on May 11, 2016

SCORGTM is a specialised software for the design and analysis of screw compressors, pumps and motors. Version V5.3 introduces grid generation for multistage screw machines with variable rotor geometry, new multi chamber thermodynamics, new rendering capabilities and many other novelties for user friendly design of screw machines.


New features in this release

  • Grid generation for screw machines with variable lead rotors with linear or stepped lead variation.
  • Grid generation of screw machines with variable rotor profile.
  • Axial number of cross sections independent of the time step size leading to smaller mesh sizes and improved speed and accuracy.
  • Grid generation for multi-stage screw machines and stepped rotors.
  • Conformal grid generation for spur and helical gear pumps.
  • Streamlined procedure for screw machines with parallel lobes.
  • Parallel processing for Star CCM+ solver.
  • New tutorial for Star CCM+
  • New Multi Chamber Thermodynamics
  • New rendering library introduced for 2D and 3D views of profile, distribution and mesh
  • Error logging for easier customer support and maintenance.



We have introduced DEMO version of SCORG to allow interested users to get the feel of grid generation and analysis of screw machines. SCORG DEMO is provided free of charge under terms and conditions of use listed in the installation of the software. To download SCORG DEMO please click the button below.



Improvements of previously available features

  • Redesign of the panel for importing and handling user profiles
  • Much improved mesh smoothing and orthogonalisation
  • Updated PumpLinx® and ANSYS CFX tutorials
  • New GUI inputs
  • Undo/Redo buttons integrated for all inputs
  • Comprehensive User Manual


PDM Analysis Ltd would like to thank users of SCORGTM for continuing use of our unique software and for their comments and suggestions for improvements.


For more information please contact us.