Rotor profile design and numerical analysis of 2–3 type multiphase twin-screw pumps

Authors: Yan D, Tang Q, Kovačević A, Rane S, Pei L
Where published:Part E: Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering , Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Increasing demands for high-performance handling of fluids in oil and gas as well as other applications require improvements of efficiency and reliability of screw pumps. Rotor profile plays the key role in the performance of such machines. This paper analyses difference in performance of 2–3 lobe combination of twin-screw pumps with different rotor profiles. A-type profile formed of involute–cycloid curves and D-type formed of cycloid curves are typical representatives for 2–3 type screw pumps. The investigation is performed by use of a full 3-D computational fluid dynamics analysis based on a single-domain structured moving mesh obtained by novel grid generation procedure. The real-time mass flow rate, rotor torque, pressure distribution and velocity field were obtained from 3D computational fluid dynamics calculations. The performance curves were produced for variable rotation speeds and variable discharge pressures. The computational fluid dynamics model was validated by comparing the simulation results of the A-type pump with the experimental data. In order to get the performance characteristics of D-type profile, two rotors with D-type profile were designed. The first has the same displacement volume as A-type while the second has the same lead and rotor length as A-type but different displacement volume. The comparison of results obtained with two rotor profiles gave an insight on the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Keywords: screw pump , Computational Fluid Dynamics , moving mesh , performance , rotor profile