Optimisation of screw compressors

Authors: Stošić N, Smith I, Kovačević A
Where published:Applied Thermal Engineering

Increasing demands for more efficient screw compressors require that compressor designs are tailored upon their duty, capacity and manufacturing capability. A suitable procedure for optimisation of the screw compressor shape, size, dimension and operating parameters is described here, which results in the most appropriate design for a given compressor application and fluid. It is based on a rack generation algorithm for rotor profile combined with a numerical model of the compressor fluid flow and thermodynamic processes. Some optimisation issues of the rotor profile and compressor parts are discussed, using 5/6 screw compressor rotors to present the results. It is shown that the optimum rotor profile, compressor speed, oil flow rate and temperature may significantly differ when compressing different gases or vapours or if working at the oil-free or oil-flooded mode of operation. Compressors thus designed achieve higher delivery rates and better efficiencies than those using traditional approaches, which is illustrated in an example of the 3/5 screw rotors designed for a family of dry air compressors, produced and marketed by a renown British compressor manufacturer

Keywords:design , efficiency , flow rate , fluid flow , manufacturing , optimisation , rotor , screw compressor , vapors , velocity