Numerical Simulation of Flow in Symmetry Twin-screw Pump based on PUMPLINX

Authors: Hai-Tao Y, Qi-Fei Y, Bo L, Chang-Lin Q, Guo-Xiang H
Where published:DEStech Transactions on Engineering and Technology Research

The advantages of screw pumps in noise and in the transport of oily media make it ideal for oil pumps. In this paper, the relationship between rotor speed and pump mass flow has been studied using CFD software SCORG and PUMPLINX when the inlet pressure and outlet pressure have little difference. The results demonstrate that, the speed has little effect on the pressure field. Leakage exists, the greater the speed, the more serious the leakage. Due to the presence of leakage, the simulated mass flow is slightly smaller than the predicted value.

Keywords:Computational Fluid Dynamics , leakage flow , oil injection , pump , PUMPLINX