Development of a Management Interface for Screw Compressor Design Tools

Authors: Kovačević A, Stošić N, Smith I, Mujic E
Where published:Conference: TMCE 2004

A parametric management interface for design tools of screw compressors, named DISCO developed in order to reduce intensive machine design efforts and to speed up the design process is described in this paper. The program package is used to connect various design software elements required to produce the full three-dimensional models and manufacturing drawings for screw compressors. It also enables simultaneous calculation of the 3D fluid flow and solid structure deformations with commercial Computational Continuum Mechanics software by automatic generation of a numerical mesh for all compressor elements. A limited number of input parameters is required to describe geometry and operating conditions of a screw compressor while a control over the design process is easy to maintain. The program allows that the modifications made to the model are cross referenced through any design software programs which saves both the computer resources and design time when compared with a classical design processes.

Keywords:Computational Fluid Dynamics , Computer Aided Design , management interface , mathematical modelling , optimisation , screw compressor