CFD simulation of a screw compressor with oil injection

Authors: Ding H, Jiang Y
Where published:IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering: IOP Publishing

In this paper, a full 3D transient CFD model of a twin screw compressor with oil injection will be described in detail. The Volume Of Fraction (VOF) approach was used for two phase flow of gas and liquid. The numeric method and simulation conditions will be explained. Simulation results will be presented with discussion. The cooling and sealing effects of oil injection will be evaluated by comparing the simulation results for the cases with and without oil. The imbalance of mass and energy of the compression system in simulation results will be rigorously checked to prove the methodologies used in the simulation are fully conservative and consistent. The efficiency, speed, and robustness of the proposed approach will also be demonstrated through the test case.

Keywords:Computational Fluid Dynamics , oil injection , screw compressor , Volume Of Fraction