Analysis and measurement of discharge port influence upon screw compressor noise

Authors: Mujic E, Kovačević A, Stošić N, Smith I
Where published:Conference: 9th International Research/Expert Conference Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology , TMT 2005

Noise identification and analysis in screw compressors have for the long time been important issue in the majority of operations that involve such kind of rotating machines. This paper presents a general introduction to the acoustic models, which can be used for screw compressor noise calculation and prediction and a review of recently developed software, which can be used to trace the sources of noise. A proposed strategy for further development work to include noise prediction as part of the screw compressor design process is given in outline. Some preliminary measurement results are included in the paper.

Keywords:acoustic , Computational Fluid Dynamics , Computer Aided Design , noise , screw compressor