Advanced Methods and Tools for Screw Compressor Design

Authors: Kovačević A, Stošić N, Smith I
Where published:The 6th International Conference TMCE 2006

Mathematical models, methods and tools, used in development and optimisation of screw machines, are elaborated in the paper and a review of the most recent achievements in application of innovative details in the screw compressor practice is given. Screw compressors are widely used for compressing of air, process gases and refrigerants. Computer simulation models verified by experimental data and enhanced by advances in mathematical analysis, form a powerful tool for analysis of these machines and hence act as comprehensive check of innovative suggestions and design optimisation. A direct consequence is the development of new screw rotor profiles, which lead to enhanced machine performance. Additionally, other compressor components, such as housing ports, bearings, seals and the lubrication system are designed today to take full advantage of a rotor profile potential if maximum performance gains are to be achieved.

Keywords:design integration , numerical modelling , screw compressor