Case study: Multi-Rotor Screw Grid Generation

Client: City, University of London | Website:

SCORGTM grid generator is capable of generating multiple gate rotor domains that deform during the solution. The rotor geometry and profile for all gate rotors is treated as identical and the grid calculation has been optimized to build the multiple gate rotors. SCORGTM can generate a set of grid files representing the rotor position at successive time steps which can then be used by a CFD solver.


CFD solvers like ANSYS CFX and PumpLinx treat these additional gate rotor domains as deforming and all domains are connected together using interfaces.


A snapshot of a configuration with two gate rotor grids is shown here. It is also possible to generate rotors spaced apart from each other in order to mimic multi stage compressors.


Watch Video: Tri-Rotor SCORGTM Mesh



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