Case study: Conical rotary compressor


This rotary compressor is a positive displacement machine with the pair of epicycloidal/ hypocycloidal conical screws. The conical design of the rotors with the axial discharge has a large potential for efficient operation at variety of pressures due to prolonged internal compression. The first prototype showed a 1:22 compression ratio, and the company wanted to evaluate a new screw profile to simplify the manufacturing.


The numerical grid for this machine was generated by SCORG and used in CFD model where the flow parameters in the working chamber are calculated using transient boundary conditions.


The performance of this rotary compressor by use of SCORG could have been evaluated using multichamber thermodynamic model, full three dimensional CFD models or experimental measurements. 3D CFD was selected due to benefits of full flow visualization and relatively shorter model development cycle time.


Video: SCORG Grid for internal screw rotors


Results show a representative pressure indicator diagram of the machine obtained from the CFD model.


Video: Pressure Distribution on Rotor Surface


The full 3D CFD analysis of this compressor using SCORGTM allowed full insight into the process and operation which in turn helped the company to validate the new screw profile and quickly move to production in two weeks.


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